Many of the meeting and account elements in Agendease are displayed in datatables.

Datatables are used to list meetings, items, users (in admin panel), boards (in admin panel), workgroups (in admin panel), and more. Datatables make it easy to sort, find, display, and organize the elements in the list.


You can sort all lines in a datatable by clicking the headings of sortable columns. Click again to sort in the opposite direction.

Sortable columns are indicated by arrows in the right side of the column heading. Column headings without arrows are not sortable.



At times the list may include many entries and finding the entry you want may take some searching. Agendease datatables make searching for and finding things in the list easy.

At the top right of every datatable is a Search box. Place your cursor in the box and begin typing any text that may relate to what you are looking for. For example, 'City Council', 'January', 'regular', '24', '6:30', 'Tuesday', 'ordinance', 'Melissa' etc. The list will be filtered to display only those entries that match your search settings. The more text you enter, the more the list is filtered.

To display all entries again, simply clear the search box.


Viewing other pages

Sometimes there are too many entries in the datatable to display at once. If so, the entries in the datatable is placed in different pages. A page indicator always appears at the bottom right of the datatable. To jump to a page, click the page number. Click the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to move through the pages.

By default, the datatable lists 10 entries per page. You can change the number of entries per page by selecting a different value in the drop-down list at the upper left of the datatable.

Displaying more information

Sometimes the datatable will include more information about the entry that is too large to display in the columns. Those datatables include a 'plus' sign in the left-most column. Click the plus sign to display the additional information.


Additional filtering options

Some datatables in Agendease are designed to allow you to filter the list by a set of pre-set values. For example, the meetings list can be filtered to list only the meetings for a certain board. If a list can be filtered by pre-set values, there will be a drop-down list at the upper left above the number of entries to display drop-down.

Make a choice from the drop-down to display only the entries that match the pre-set value.

All filter drop-downs also include an 'All' choice to remove the filter and to display all entries again.