You work on meetings and items in the Agendease control panel. The control panel is made up of several different screens to do things like create and edit meetings, create and edit items, view finalized meeting documents, manage account settings, etc. All screens of the control panel have common elements that you should become familiar with.

Main Content Area

This is the largest part of the screen. It is where all the information to work on meetings, items, and everything else is displayed.


At the upper left (just below the Agendease logo) are the breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs always indicate where you are in the control panel – from the dashboard to the current page.

Some of the locations included may be shown as a link to that location. For example, when viewing an item in a meeting, the meeting in which it is located is included in the breadcrumbs and is a link to the meeting screen for that meeting.

Locations in breadcrumbs are displayed as links only for users who have access to that screen.

Cog Menu

At the upper right is the Cog Menu

Click it to display a menu of choices where you can change some of your account’s settings as well as finding help documents and support.


Sign-out Button

The Sign-out button is left of the Cog Button. Click it to sign out of the control panel.


The Agendease control panel includes an internal messaging system that notifies you when certain events occur that may interest you (e.g., an item is edited, a meeting date has changed, etc.). If there are any messages to display in the menu, a badge with the number of items to display is included in the button.

Click the button to display the list of messages.

You can change the settings for which events you will receive notifications.
How do I change the automatic emails and messages that I receive?


Item Approvals menu

The Item Approvals button is left of the Messages button. If there are any item approval messages to display in the menu, a badge with the number of items to display is included in the button.

Item approval messages can include items that you need to submit for approval, items that need your approval, or information about your items that have been approved recently.

Click the button to display the list of item approval messages. The items in the menu can be clicked to display more detailed information about items approval status.

If any items are listed, you can click on the item title to go to the item screen.

If the item is waiting for your approval, the approve item box will appear when the item screen is displayed.


Administrator Tools Menu

The Administrator Tools menu only displays for users who are administrators.

The Administrator Tools menu tab appears at the top center of the control panel.

Click the tab to display the Administrator Tools menu. 

The Administrator Tools menu includes buttons for managing account-level elements, such as, Users, Boards, Approval Chains, etc.

For more information on managing account-level elements, see the following topics:

Managing Users

Managing Boards

Managing Workgroups

Managing Approval Chains

Managing Auto-notification Groups

Managing Social Media Integrations