The control panel has many ways for you to find help on many topics. A description of each – and where to find them – is below.


You can find tooltips throughout the control panel. Simply hover your mouse pointer over a button or any other element on the screen and the tooltip will display with a short description of the element.


Sometimes there is more information to display that would not be suitable for a tooltip. In this case, popovers are used to provide helpful information. You will find a popover anywhere you see a purple question mark icon. Click it to display the popover help text.

Screen Instructions

Some of the screens have even more instructions that describe the use and function of the entire screen. The button to display the screen instructions appears near the top of the screen and has a label similar to 'Open screen name Instructions'. Click it to display the instructions. Not all screens have screen instructions.

Instructional Videos

There is a collection of helpful videos that you can watch at any time on topics such as creating a meeting, deleting an item, etc. You can find the videos by clicking the Cog menu and choosing 'Watch Instructional Videos'.

Support Center

You are reading an article in the Support Center right now. The support center contains many articles to help you with the Agendease control panel.

You can get to the Support Center by clicking the Cog menu and choosing Support Center. Or simply going to

Help Widget

At the lower right corner of the control panel you will always see the help widget launcher. Click the launcher to display a list of topics that may be helpful to you depending on the screen you are currently viewing.

If the topics that are displayed do not cover what you are looking for, enter a question in the box provided. Relevant topics will be displayed for you.

Support Ticket

If you are not finding what you want in the Support Center, you can submit a support ticket, and our agents will respond promptly.

You can submit a support ticket in several ways.

From the help widget.

From the Support Center.

By email.

Simply send an email to and a ticket will be created from the email subject and body.