After a meeting is finalized, the system can send out email notifications to groups of people that includes information about the finalized meeting and links to download meeting documents. You can set when the notices are sent and what information is included in the notification.

Your account has three standard groups: Board Members, Staff Members, and Public. You can also create as many custom notification groups as you want.

What email addresses are in the Board Members notification group?
What email addresses are in the Staff Members notification group?
How do email addresses get added to the Public notification group?
How do I create and add addresses to custom auto-notification groups?


You can specify auto-notification settings for a meeting when you create it, when editing it, or right before finalizing it.

When you create a meeting, the auto-notification settings will initially be set to the default values for the board.

How do I manage the auto-notification settings for a board?

What is included in an auto-notification email?

All auto-notification emails include a short paragraph indicating that the meeting has been finalized.

You can also include a link for the recipient to download the agenda, the packet, or both.

 If neither the download agenda nor download packet link are included, the email will not be sent.


When is the auto-notification email sent?

You can choose when the email is sent relative to the finalization time. A drop-down list with choices ranging from immediately to five days is included for each auto-notification group. The drop-down list also includes a No notification choice which would cause no notification to be sent to that group.

How can I check on the status of auto-notification to groups after a meeting has been finalized?