Each user in your Agendease organization account has access privileges for each board that allow them to work on meetings and items according to the settings in those privileges. A user may have a certain level of access to one board and another level of access to a different board.

Sometimes it is necessary for all users that belong to the same organizational group (such as a department, or an internal committee) to have the same access to work on an item. You can create workgroups and make add staff members to the workgroups to allow them to work on the same item(s) regardless of their access privileges.

For example, you’ve created a workgroup named 'Planning Department' and added all planning department staff as members of the group. When an item is created (or edited), the item can be made accessible to a workgroup.

 Items can be accessed by more than one workgroup.

Now, all the staff members in the planning department will have access to the item according to the level of access set for the workgroup.

How do I set the abilities of a workgroup's members?