One of the benefits of using Agendease for your meeting packets is its ability to list your meetings on your website with links to download documents related to the meeting.

Including the meeting list on your website is easy. Agendease provides a code snippet for you to embed in your website where you want the list to appear. That’s it. Meetings will be displayed in the list as soon as they are finalized.

Customizing the meeting list widget.

The widget is custom-designed to match your website's colors. You can also specify which documents are downloadable for the meeting and the way that meeting labels appear for a meeting.

Public notification sign-up
The meeting widget can also contain a link that will allow site visitors to sign up to receive notification of finalized meetings.

How do email addresses get added to the public notification group?
How can I see which email addresses are in the public notification group?

To get the code snippet for your meeting list widget please contact