Items in a meeting packet typically have one or more sheets at the beginning of each item that provides a summary of the item details. Generically, we refer to this as the cover sheet. Organizations usually have their own term for this document, such as summary sheet, staff memo, agenda bill, agenda brief, or sometimes, even cover sheet. When we refer to cover sheets in the Agendease control panel, we are referring to this document.

Cover sheet examples

You have three choices in Agendease regarding including a cover sheet for an item.

  • Let Agendease make the cover sheet for you automatically
  • Upload a cover sheet that you created on your own computer.
  • Do not include a cover sheet for the item

When an item is assembled into a packet, the cover sheet is first followed by each attachment in the order specified.

Bookmarks that are automatically created for an item in the packet are anchored to the item cover sheet. If the item is not using a cover sheet, then the bookmark is anchored to the first page of the first attachment.

If an item has neither a cover sheet nor any attachments, a bookmark is not created for the item.

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