The Agendease control panel gives users a way to communicate and collaborate on items in development.

Additionally, users can make notes to themselves about the item that can be viewed only by them.

Both of these features appear in the Messages tab of the item screen.

Go to the item screen for the subject meeting.

How do I edit an item?

The fifth tab is the Messages tab

The content area of the Messages tab has two buttons near the top: Show Conversation and Show Notes To Myself.

Making a comment in the conversation…

Click the Show Conversation button.

Click the Add Item Comment button.

Enter your comment.

If the comment is considered important, turn on the Important switch.          

Comments marked as important will be displayed in a yellow box making them stand out from the comments not marked as important.


Click the Add Comment button.

The comment is added to the top of the thread of comments in the conversation below.

 Conversation comments are listed with oldest at the bottom and most recent at the top.
 Conversation comments cannot be edited or deleted.

Making a note to yourself…

Click the Show Notes To Myself button.

Click the Add a Note to Myself button.

Enter a title for the note and the content of the note.

Click the Add Note button.

The comment is added to the other comments below.

 Notes to yourself are never visible to any other user.