You can finalize a meeting either from the dashboard or from the meeting screen. Instructions for both locations are included below.

From the dashboard…

Find the meeting which you want to finalize.

Click the white Finalize Meeting' button to display the Go to Meeting Screen message.



Click the 'Go to meeting screen' button

Follow the instructions below for finalizing a meeting from the meeting screen.

From the meeting screen…

Click the 'Finalize Meeting' button to display the a Proceed with Finalizing message.



The Proceed with Finalizing message will be displayed with some information you can review before proceeding with finalizing.

You can see the status of item approvals. Expand the boxes to view which items have not been submitted for approval or to see which approvers have taken action on the item.

Despite the status of item approvals, you can always proceed with finalizing a meeting. An incomplete item approval status will not stop you from proceeding with finalizing a meeting.

You can also change the auto-notification settings before proceeding with finalizing. Expand the box to display the current settings.

You can also change the post date setting before finalizing. Expand the box to display the current settings.

Click the 'Proceed with Finalizing' button

The finalize meeting progress screen is displayed, which indicates the steps of the finalizing process.

First, the meeting is locked so that it cannot be edited.

Each item is then constructed with the cover sheet first (if applicable), and then all attachments to the item following (if applicable).

The entire packet is then made with the agenda and all items assembled in order.

Each constructed item is checked for completeness.

The entire packet is checked for completeness.

If any items have been found to be incomplete, the checking items progress bar and message will be red. You can check the status of all items by clicking the 'Show/hide item verification status' button. The verification message will expand to display a summary of the items' status. For more detailed information, click the 'View detailed item verification status' link.
If a meeting does not successfully finalize, make a note of which item is indicated as incomplete and submit a support ticket including the description of the item.

My packet is not finalizing.