All agenda templates are composed of parts called regions. Regions are the parts of the agenda that include (or group) similar types of information. Some examples of regions are: Consent Agenda, Executive Session, Call to Order, Adjournment, Certification Statement, etc. An agenda template can have any number of regions.

Some regions are a container for items, such as Consent Agenda, or Resolutions.

Some regions are just a block of text that provides information about the meeting (Certification Statement, Special Accommodations), or a standard step in the process of the meeting (Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance).

Regions that can contain items appear in the drop-down list of regions to place an item being created.

Regions in a meeting agenda can be edited, rearranged, deleted, restored to original format after editing, and added to a meeting.

How do I edit an agenda region?
What are the different parts of the region?