Occasionally, you may request for us to revise an agenda style template for you. After the template revisions are complete, all new meetings created after the template was created will use the revised template. We do not automatically apply the revisions to meetings that are currently in development. You can apply the template revisions to those meeting with a single click of a button.

When revisions have been made to a template and a meeting is using that template, a yellow message box will appear above the draft agenda in the meeting screen. The box will have an Apply Revisions button on the left and a Show more… link on the right.

To see a description of the revisions that have occurred to the template since the meeting was created (or the last update applied), click the Show more… link.

To apply all revisions in the list, click the Apply Revisions button.

You can only apply all of the revisions.

I just applied the template revisions to a meeting in development, but newly added regions do not show up.