The Agendease control panel gives you the ability to create meeting minutes using the generated meeting agenda.

You can work with minutes in several ways.

Download a Word-formatted copy of the agenda to use as a template to edit the minutes on your own computer.

Edit a minutes template right in the control panel.

Upload a set of minutes to display with the meeting on your website if you are using the meeting list widget.

Each of these options is available in the finalized meeting screen.

Go to the finalized meeting screen for the subject meeting.

How do I view a finalized meeting?

Downloading a Word-formatted document to use as a template.

Click the Download Document button.

Choose Word-Formatted Minutes Template from the menu.

If the Word-Formatted Minutes Template choice does not appear in the menu, one of the other two options below is in use already.

Edit a minutes template in the control panel

The second tab in the main content area is Minutes.

Initially, a minutes template that resembles the meeting agenda is displayed. You can edit it directly, for publishing to your website.

To edit, click anywhere in the template to display the text editor tools.

Make any edits you want and click the save button in the editor.

Once you begin editing the minutes template, the last choice in the Download Document menu changes to Word-Formatted Draft Minutes.
You can discard all changes that you have made to the template by clicking the Revert to Original Minutes button and then clicking Revert Minutes.

If you want to publish the edited minutes to your website (if you are using the meeting list widget), click the Publish Minutes button. You can unpublish the minutes later with the same button that will then have the label Unpublish Minutes.

What is the meeting list widget


Upload a set of minutes to display with the meeting.

If you are using the meeting list widget, you can upload a Word or PDF document to be included in the list of downloadable documents for the meeting in the meeting list.

If you have not begun editing the minutes template, the button at the upper left has the label Upload Document to be Used as Minutes.

Click it to select a document from your computer then click Upload Document.

After uploading a document to use as minutes:
  • the last choice in the Download Document button will change to Uploaded PDF Minutes,
  • the button at the upper right of the viewport changes to Unpublish Uploaded Minutes, and
  • the uploaded document appears in the viewport.