You can assign the access to users to work with meetings, items, and other features of the Agendease control panel. Some users may need the ability to work on meeting agendas, whereas you may only want some to work on items for a meeting. Agendease has three levels of access that you can assign to a user that gives them the privileges that they need. You can assign different levels of access to a person for different boards.


Administrator is the top-level access. Administrators can access every feature for every board. Administrators can also access the Administrator Tools menu and perform account-level operations, such as adding a user, deleting a board, etc. Administrators can work on all locked packets.

Where do I find the Administrator Tools menu.

You are not limited on the number of administrators that you can have in an account, but it is a good practice to only designate a few users as administrators.


Users can be given assistant level access for each board independently. That is, a user can be a user for one board and have a different level of access for another board.

Users with assistant level access can perform meeting editing operations such as creating a meeting, editing the meeting agenda, finalizing a meeting, changing auto-notification settings for the meeting, etc.

Assistant-level access users can also edit all users' items for the board's meetings.


Users with contributor level access can only create and edit items for the board. Contributor-level access users cannot edit other users' items or work on meetings.

Contributor-level access users can view other items and view draft meetings.

Users can also be designated as having no access to a board.

Users are assigned access by an administrator when the user is created or by editing an existing user.

The ability to work on a locked packet is not part of the access levels (except Administrators who can work on all locked packets). A user must be specifically assigned the ability to work on a locked packet.

What can a user do when they have the ability to work on a locked packet?