Open the Administrator Tools menu.

Where do I find the Administrator Tools menu?

Click the Users button.

Current users for your account are listed in a datatable in the table in the main content area of the Manage Users page.

Using Agendease Datatables

The last column of the table contains action buttons that you use to manage various elements of the user.

View Summary

View a summary of the user's workgroup membership and access to boards.


Workgroup Membership

Add and remove the user from workgroups.

Link How do workgroups work?


Deactivate / Activate User account

Toggle the user account between active and inactive. The button appearance and the tooltip change depending on the current status of the user.


Manage Board Access

Change the access privileges that the user has for each board.

What are the different levels of access that a user can have?

You can also give the user the ability to work on locked packets.

What can a user do when they have the ability to work on a locked packet?


Edit User's Email Address

Change the user's email address (and User ID)


Generate New Password

A new password will be created for and sent to the user.

How do I retrieve my password?
How do I change my password?


Delete User

Deleting the user cannot be reversed.

Deleting a user will prevent a user from being able to sign in to the control panel. It will not affect any items or meeting records that are associated with the user.

Make User an Administrator / Remove User as an Administrator

Making the user an administrator gives the user all administrator access privileges.

The access privileges that are currently assigned to the user will be retained. In the even that administrator access is later removed from the user, the retained access privileges will apply to the user again.

The button appearance and tooltip will change depending on the user's current status.

When administrator access is removed from a user, you will be asked to select access privileges for the user. The access privileges will be set initially as the privileges that were assigned to the user at the time that they were given administrator access.

What are the different levels of access that a user can have?