You can add and manage members of a board in the corresponding board management screen of the Administrator Tools.

Display the Administrator Tools menu

Where do I find the Administrator Tools menu?

Click the Boards button.


Find the row for the board whose members you want to manage.

Click the Manage Members button.

The board members row of the board opens.

To add a member, click the Add Member button


If the person you are entering is already a member of another board for your organization…

Choose Copy a member from another board in the menu.

Find the member you want to add and click the Create Linked Account button

If the person is not a member of any of your organization's boards…

Choose Add a new member.

Enter the information for the board member and click the Add Member button.


To edit a member

Find the member that you want to edit in the datatable.

Using Agendease Datatables?

The last column of the table contains action buttons that you use to manage various elements of the board member.

Name and User ID

Board members do not use email addresses as their User ID. You need to issue their User ID.


Email Address

This email address will be used to by the auto-notification feature to send notices to this member.

How does auto-notification work?


Generate a New Password

Create a new password that will be sent to the board member.


Delete Board Member

Deleting a board member is not reversible.

Manage Joint Board Member Accounts

Add this board member to another board for your organization.