Open the Administrator Tools menu.

Where do I find the Administrator Tools menu?

Click the Workgroups button.

Current workgroups for your account are listed in a datatable in the table in the main content area of the Manage Workgroups page.

Using Agendease Datatables

The last column of the table contains action buttons that you use to manage various elements of the workgroup.

Workgroup Name and Description

Enter a new name or description for the workgroup.


Edit Workgroup Abilities

Edit the privileges of the workgroup members.


Manage Workgroup Members

Edit the privileges of the workgroup members.


Activate / Inactivate Workgroup

Toggle the workgroup between active and inactive. The button appearance and the tooltip change depending on the current status of the workgroup.

 Delete Workgroup

Deleting the workgroup cannot be reversed.

Deleting a workgroup will not allow the assignment of any more items to the workgroup. It does not affect any items that have already been assigned to the workgroup.

How do Workgroups work?